Touchups and Repairs

Sometimes in the life of a guitar, it suffers from accidents and injuries.  Such events can leave their mark!  Headstock breaks, heel breaks, damage to control cavities, top cracks, side impacts, the list goes on and on.

We can take an instrument and use some magic to repair and stabilize damage to a guitar, weather it is fresh or decades old.  The newer the damage the better:  sometimes if a repair is done quickly before wood starts to discolor from dirt or oxidation, and all pieces are there, we can reglue and re-assemble the pieces and reseal to a point where it is almost impossible to tell it has been repaired.  It is also common for us to receive a guitar that has been repaired decades ago, and the repair is stable but quite visible.

We can help with that too!

We can repair that area on the instrument that someone “repaired” previously and get some fine results.  Drop fills, graining, airbrushing in color, texture, and replicating lost parts and inlays are some of the various methods that have been used to reduce the effects of past repairs and damage. Below are a few images of some repairs done in the past: