We do some of the best refinishing work that can be done today, and recognized as such. We don’t do candy color urethane or poly refinishing, graphics, or any flip flop paints. We know of a few shops doing such work, and would be happy to turn you on to them. What we do, and do well, is replicate some of the best and loved Vintage finishes that people love. Most cases it is to restore an instrument that has been stripped, modified, or broken. We can reverse the damage that has been done, make it sound, and finish it using the same materials and process that was originally applied back when it was made. We can even age the finish to match existing parts, to replicate the look and feel of the original. We use only Nitrocellulose lacquer, which will give you the look, beauty, and tone your vintage instrument deserves.

Featured refinishing projects: Morin 12 Fret and Custom Electric Sunburst Refinishing