Neck Resets

The key to a great sounding guitar is neck angle. Why? The angle of the neck is very important, as you need good break angle across the saddle to achieve good tone. The taller the saddle, the better the angle hence the top of the guitar will respond better with increased volume and tone. Also, poor neck angle will show up in the form of high action, making it difficult to play. Acoustic guitars will settle after so many years, and it is common for some guitars to need a neck reset after years of faithful service. Our specialty is taking care of vintage instruments during the resetting process, protecting the finish around the heel, leaving very little to no sign the work was done. Thus, playability and tone are increased, value of the instrument is raised, and integrity of the guitar is saved. I have reset necks on vintage Martin, Gibson, Epiphone, Gretsch, Larson Bros., to name a few. Have a newer guitar? No problem, I have done those too! Please contact me with details of your project; I am happy to help! Here are just a few examples of our work!